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NFT info

Genesis NFT - The Most unique

The first 500 Genesis NFT boxes have been successfully sold, out of a total of 10,000 that are going to be released over the next two years. Genesis NFTs are the most unique and non-inflationary NFTs in SpaceCatch, representing the game's most valuable items. These NFTs can be used, sold, or rented to other players. As the player base grows, these Genesis NFTs become even more exclusive. The initial 500 Genesis NFT boxes were swiftly purchased by our core community within 33 seconds.

Ingame Rewards

Within the game, players will acquire various In-game NFT reward items as they complete quests and tasks. These NFTs are inflationary, with no supply limit. However, the deflationary aspect of these NFTs will be managed by a durability, resulting in the burning of the NFT after a certain number of uses.

NFT categories

1. Non-inflationary NFTs (including Genesis NFTs)
2. Inflationary NFTs: Carbonium box (common), Ironium box (uncommon), Titanium box (rare), Palladium box (legendary), Pallasite box (mythical), Boosters

Inflationary NFTs

SpaceCatch features various inflationary NFTs with different utilities and rarity levels. These NFTs have their own durability mechanisms, resulting in their burning as they are used in the game.

Lending and Renting NFTs

Given the game's dynamic difficulty, players will require stronger armor/items/sets for specific situations. To make these items more accessible, SpaceCatch will implement a lending system. Players can rent out their NFT items to others, creating a win-win scenario. Owners generate a passive income, and players can rent NFT items rather than purchasing them.

NFT Boosters and Potions

SpaceCatch introduces a unique move-to-earn concept through NFT boosters and potions. Players accumulate "calories" and "steps" through physical activity, using calories to acquire item packs and steps to craft potions. These potions and boosters are considered "skills" with levels 1-99. Levels 1-89 are non-NFT potions for personal use, while levels 90-99 are NFT potions available for a trade, offering significantly enhanced bonuses. Once any NFT potion is used, it gets burned, creating a deflationary effect that balances prices based on supply and demand.

NFT Durability Mechanism

Non-inflationary NFTs do not employ a burning mechanism. In the case of inflationary NFTs, a durability function has been implemented. The more a particular NFT is used, the faster is burned. Players have the option to pay for instant recovery or use the NFT until it burns entirely.

The next NFT sale

The next NFT sale is planned for Q1 2024. In 2023, the only way to secure a place in SpaceCatch's success is through the token sale. Purchase your $CATCH tokens before the price increases or the rounds are sold out!

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