Gaming studio: Pixelfield

Pixelfield, A professional gaming studio

Pixelfield, the professional gaming studio, serves as the primary designer and developer for SpaceCatch. In SpaceCatch, we recognize that creating a top-tier AR&Web3 gaming project demands more than just a strong idea; it necessitates a smart, talented, and hardworking team. We are thrilled that our partnership with Pixelfield has yielded tremendous results, rapid development, and the seamless implementation of new features.
We emphasize that SpaceCatch is not a one-man-development project in the Web3 industry. We have entered the scene strongly, self-funded, with a clear goal to deliver the best gaming project in the Web3 market. Pixelfield stands as our core development partner. Get ready; a professional approach is on the horizon, and the next bull run will demonstrate that SpaceCatch is poised to become the new PokemonGo killer!
PixelField has an ambition to build and nurture a community of catchers who will stand their ground with old friends and new friends. This will ensure that every player has a unique possibility of gameplay and strategy planning with like-minded players in the community, thus avoiding any possible stereotype which helps with the longevity of the game. Cooperation helps with strengthening the gaming community, and the friendship between players, and helps with the creation of a long-lasting core community of players who will be willing to spend not only time but even some money.