Staking is LIVE!

The $CATCH Staking is exclusively accessible through the official SpaceCatch website. An allocation of 20 million $CATCH tokens is set aside for staking for the next 5 years, utilizing a halving method. 50% of all staking rewards are going to be redistributed among the staking community during the first year. The daily reward for the first year is 28.281 CATCH.

Staking rewards up to 100% monthly

The highest staking rewards are going to occur during the first months, due to the very small circulation token amount, as the $CATCH token has a very strict vesting. The table below shows expected rewards from staking if 30% of the $CATCH tokens are being staked. The shown staked % amount of CATCH tokens may be higher, leading to lower monthly returns, but also to lower circulation CATCH supply, leading to a CATCH price increase.

More staked tokens = fewer tokens in circulation = lower actual MC = higher token price!

Month after TGEEXPECTED rewards (%) if 30% CATCH staked

1st month

83% return per month

2nd month

65% return per month

3rd month

47% return per month

4th month

33% return per month

5th month

24% return per month

Don't miss this exceptional opportunity to earn additional $CATCH tokens through SpaceCatch Staking from day one, when the staking rewards will be at their highest.

Staking rewards from Day 1

Staking rewards will be redistributed daily, with the option to claim your rewards anytime you desire. There is no vesting on claimed staking rewards.

Staking dashboard preview, available NOW!

Staking Lock Period

The lock period for staked CATCH tokens is 90 days.

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