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SpaceCatch: The next-generation AR&Web3 gaming project developed by the professional gaming studio: Pixelfield
Dear Catchers!
We believe that you're on the lookout for the most promising projects in the market. To assist you in making an informed decision, we've prepared a comprehensive summary outlining what makes SpaceCatch one of the most attractive investments for your 2023 portfolio.

Key elements that enhance $CATCH one of the most promising and secure GameFi investments leading up to the next bull run

1. Professional gaming studio

The main game designer and developer: A professional gaming studio Pixelfield.

2. Independent development

SpaceCatch development is fully self-funded. This approach not only makes the project independent but also assures the community that the team will not disappear after the token sale, as the already invested resources are higher than the planned token sale amount.

3. Product alongside the Tier1 listing

In SpaceCatch, we believe in a solid project execution and the excellence of our product. SpaceCatch is going to launch V1 alongside the CEX Tier 1 listing, ensuring that the token will have immediate utility, providing room for solid token price growth.

4. Demo is live! (ver. 0.17.3)

To be able to launch the game alongside the listing, we are already in deep development. Currently, we are testing the demo version 0.17.3, which is available for KOLs and influencers. Examine the development roadmap and ask yourself: "Am I going to miss this opportunity to invest in a potential winner of the next bull run?

5. Strong, real community

On Twitter, we have over 103K followers. But if you're seeking a true testament to the strength of the SpaceCatch community, look no further: SpaceCatch NFTs sold out in just 33 seconds without any promotion. Secure your $CATCH tokens before the price increases or they, too, sell out quickly.

The ultimate goal: The winner of the next bull run

If you want to be part of SpaceCatch's success, visit our website and acquire your desired amount of $CATCH tokens for your portfolio before $CATCH is sold out, just like our NFTs!

$CATCH Presale is live!