Potion Crafting recipes

  • Basic idea behind recipes
  • Using of potion
    • click and use - mainly
    • click and use on the wearable item (sneakers, cape, facemask, guns?)
  • Utilities
    • HP instant heal
    • Total HP increased for x time period
    • Faster HP regeneration for x time period
    • Obtain x HP
    • Obtain random items from potion
    • Obtain XP points for combat level
    • Stamina instant fill-up (???)
    • Faster stamina regeneration for x time period (???)
    • To treat injury after unequipping specific weapons, cannot unequip specific weapons without that (CrLvl 35-40)
    • Material for weaponry crafting
  • Conditions
    • to use it a player must equip equipment
  • The player gain experience
    • rewards from boxes
    • crafting - depending on the potions

Potion crafting experience



  • Notes - you can combine potions at the same time, for example you use potion for increasing you max HP and then you use another potion for instant HP healing.
Healing HP
Max HP bar boost
Crafting XP reward
Combat XP boost
Alien item drop rate boost
Alien spawn boost
Random item reward
Small flacon (level 1)
Blue pheromones Gen.0 (level 1)
Coconut energy bar (level 1)
Newbie desert juice (level 1)
Small Pouch (level 2)
Small upgrader 2X03U (level 2)
Newbie mango juice (level 4)
Newbie blueberry juice (level 5)
Green pheromones Gen.1 (level 7)
Small upgrader 7X01U01R (level 7)
Medieval flacon (level 8)
Small tropical baits (level 8)
Red electuary (level 9)
Papaya energy bar (level 9)
Newbie coconut juice (level 10)
Honey comb (level 11)
Medium upgrader 12X03R (level 12)
Purple pheromones Gen.2 (level 14)
White electuary (level 14)
Leather bag (level 15)
Blue electuary (level 15)
Small desert baits (level 16)
Medium upgrader 17X05R (level 17)
Redberries energy bar (level 18)
Blue electuary (level 19)
Light blue mystic flame (level 20)
Yellow pheromones Gen.3 (level 21)
Metal capsule (level 22)
Honey ampule (level 22)
Green electuary (level 25)
Small mushroom baits (level 25)
Blue mystic flame (level 25)
Medium upgrader 17X10U01L (level 27)
Lemon energy bar (level 27)
Orange pheromones Gen.4 (level 28)
Small pen injector (level 30)
Green mystic flame (level 30)
Yellow electuary (level 31)
Red pheromones Gen.5 (level 35)
Purple mystic flame (level 35)
Small flower baits (level 35)
Pear energy bar (level 36)
Adrenaline injection X.v0.1 (level 37)
Random multiplier 37X5C-6C (level 37)
Supply capsule (level 39)
Yellow mystic flame (level 40)
Pink pheromones Gen.6 (level 42)
Honey flask (level 44)
Adrenaline injection X.v0.2 (level 45)
Orange mystic flame (level 45)
Rambustan energy bar (level 45)
Large tropical baits (level 46)
Large upgrader 47X05YC (level 47)
White pheromones Gen.7 (level 49)
Hi-tech box (level 50)
Green mystic flame (level 50)
Adrenaline injection X.v0.3 (level 50)
Grapefruit energy bar (level 54)
Pink mystic flame (level 55)
Black pheromones Gen.8 (level 56)
Adrenaline injection X.v0.4 (level 56)
Random multiplier 57X4U-5U (level 57)
Large desert baits (level 58)
White mystic flame (level 60)
AI dispenser (level 61)
Medium pen injector (level 62)
Mysterious pheromones box C1X63D (level 63)
Adrenaline injection X.v0.5 (level 63)
Kiwano energy bar (level 63)
Black opal ring (level 65)
Honey jar (level 66)
Large upgrader 67X04YU (level 67)
Mysterious pheromones box C2X70D (level 70)
Sapphire ring (level 70)
Venus regeneration nanopills (level 70)
Large mushroom baits (level 71)
Carambola energy bar (level 72)
Emerald ring (level 75)
Mysterious pheromones box C3X77D (level 77)
Moon regeneration nanopills (level 77)
Random multiplier 77X3R-4R (level 77)
Ruby ring (level 80)
Mango energy bar (level 81)
Mysterious pheromones box C4X84D (level 84)
Mars regeneration nanopills (level 84)
Diamond ring (level 85)
Large flower baits (level 85)
Large upgrader 87X03YR (level 87)
Honey pot (level 88)
Tanzanite ring (level 89)
Chilli energy bar(level 89)