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The core team members

Fully audited team by SolidProof
The Core team members
SpaceCatch, developed by Pixelfield, a professional gaming studio, is a professionally crafted gaming project aimed at delivering the highest quality AR features and game design. The core team is led and managed by professionals with long-term proven records, aiming to become a leading project in the AR and Web3 gaming market for the most promising future.

Stanislav Lepka, CEO, Founder

Stanislav, the CEO and founder of SpaceCatch, drew inspiration for the AR game from his experience with an AR platform developed and utilized in his core business. He is also the CEO and owner of Krel Central a.s., a company operating for over 30 years in the energy and software industry. Krel Central a.s. supplies power to various crypto mining operations, which provides valuable insights into the blockchain and crypto sector. Stanislav leverages his management skills and industry knowledge to drive SpaceCatch toward success. His and his team's responsibilities include legal matters, marketing, project management, budget oversight, fundraising, data analysis, and charting the project's vision for long-term success.

Filip Háša, Head of Development

Filip Háša, the owner of Pixelfield, serves as the Head of Development for SpaceCatch. Pixelfield, a gaming studio he founded 12 years ago, has worked on numerous gaming and AR projects for both private and public clients. Filip's focus on details, meeting deadlines, and effective team management have been instrumental in achieving results. He leads a dedicated team based in the UK that handles game development, AR features implementation, technical infrastructure, and blockchain integration.

Dominik Bura, Lead Game Designer

Dominik Bura is a UI and game design specialist within Pixelfield. He excels in collaborating with the development team to ensure the integration of game design, concepts, and mechanics that enhance the player experience. Dominik keeps an open mind to new ideas while respecting the practical limits of development, ensuring that his concepts are feasible and can be brought to life. He and his team are responsible for game design, game effects, game graphics, and game user interfaces.

Petr Hejda, Blockchain Development

Petr is the lead Blockchain developer at SpaceCatch, bringing long-term experience in blockchain development. Petr plays a crucial role in the implementing and optimizing Web3 features for SpaceCatch, ensuring the best posible user experience.

Professional gaming studio: Pixelfield

Game Design & Game Development

Over 20 full-time professionals

Currently, the SpaceCatch team consists of more than 20 full-time working professionals. You can find all the information about the team and its members on the SpaceCatch website.

Fully audited team