๐Ÿ‘”Go-to-market strategy

Data-driven marketing

In SpaceCatch, we understand the importance of the go-to-market strategy, ensuring a sufficient amount of players will fuel the move-to-earn concept and ensure the success of the game itself. Below, we present specific dedicated activities that the SpaceCatch marketing team will work on to achieve the highest marketing reach and the highest number of active players.

Media and press relations

Enhancing the visibility and credibility of SpaceCatch with the goal of attracting new players, stakeholders, and potential partner entities.

Influencer marketing

We have already confirmed over a hundred online ambassadors, KOLs, and influencers to promote SpaceCatch and expand its marketing reach.

Move-to-earn campaigns

To fuel the growth of our physically active user base and ensure a sufficient level of physical activity related to the game, we will engage in targeted marketing towards active individuals. Our goal is to onboard them and introduce a new way of utilizing their physical activity.

Community engagement

With over 112K Twitter followers, we constantly engage and activate our audience. Once the game is ready for launch, we will leverage its potential to grow our user base.

KOL partnerships

As a member of the Czech Game Developers Association, we plan to leverage our network as a powerful marketing tool to establish partnerships with publishers, ensuring a massive influx of users.

Viral marketing

We are SpaceCatch, a gaming project with visually stunning AR gameplay. Our plan is to create and publish AR gameplay videos with the potential to go viral. Do you have any ideas? Let us know via info@spacecatch.io!

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