๐ŸŽŠCOMPETITION: The best game-play video

Record your game-play video from Public Beta, upload it on the SpaceCatch telegram channel, section "Gameplay videos" and earn rewards!

10 000 USD reward pool for the best 20 Public Beta Game-play videos! Upload your video on SpaceCatch's official telegram group and wait for the results!

Upload on the official telegram group, section "Gameplay videos"


Competition content requirements:

  1. The Public beta Game-play video needs to be recorded outdoor

  2. The video canโ€™t be from the in-game tutorial

  3. Length: minimum 10 seconds (requested), maximum 30 seconds (recommended)

  4. Recommended: interesting location, environment (Beach, City center, Mountains, Forest, Desert, anything the most important from your area!)

Record the game-play video in the most interesting place in your city or area!

Upload on the official telegram group, section "Gameplay videos"

The best game-play videos from the Public Beta will be selected by the SpaceCatch team. Upload your video until 3rd May 2024. Results are going to be announced on Monday 6th May 2024. Happy catching!

Download the Public Beta here:

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