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What makes SC unique?

What makes SpaceCatch the winner of the next bull run?

In the realm of AR gaming, SpaceCatch stands out for its innovative incorporation of Web3 features, setting it apart from direct competitors. While many promising Web3 AR gaming projects exist, our research reveals that these projects often fall short of their promises, failing to translate potential into a tangible product. For context, the most prominent competitor in the Web2 AR gaming space is Pokémon Go. Although Pokémon Go enjoys a traditional and culturally embedded concept, it lacks a true AR experience and was developed between 2014-2015, making it outdated.

Advanced AR Combat and Physical Activity Utilization

SpaceCatch's uniqueness stems from its advanced AR combat mode and its innovative use of players' physical activity. Our goal is to motivate players to launch the app during physical activities, even during routines like commuting to work, thereby allowing them to enhance their avatar's strength using the utility of their activity. The game caters to both indoor and outdoor environments, featuring small indoor mini-games and training arenas to accommodate various player preferences, such as gaming in bed or even in the bathroom.

AI-Driven Gaming Quests

The SpaceCatch team boasts extensive experience in AI implementation, particularly within gaming quests. We recognize that the market is saturated with gaming products, and maintaining player engagement requires frequent updates. To achieve this, we plan to leverage AI to create gaming quests tailored to individual players' behavior, level/avatar specifications, and in-game activity, ensuring that players feel the game is personalized to their preferences.

The "Move-to-Earn" Concept

The "move-to-earn" concept is another tool for player engagement. It's important to note that SpaceCatch's move-to-earn concept doesn't promise substantial returns within a short period to prevent destabilizing the game economy. Instead, it's designed as a "One dollar commitment" model. This concept emphasizes that players could potentially lose even a single dollar by not using the app during physical activities, encouraging them to launch the app more frequently. Advanced play-to-earn models, such as implementing unique strategies, renting unique NFTs, selling avatars, or trading calorie boosters, empower players to determine their level of investment and effort in the game.

Best Gaming Experience and Web3 Integration

Our primary focus is to deliver the best gaming experience by harnessing the full hardware potential of mobile phones to create a stunning AR gaming environment. SpaceCatch integrates Web3 features, NFTs, and the move-to-earn concept through the SpaceCatch marketplace, where players can engage in trading, renting, and borrowing items from one another, including avatars, NFT boosters, and premium items. This establishes SpaceCatch as the next-generation AR&Web3 gaming platform.

The Future for Token Holders and Investors

SpaceCatch aspires to secure a position among the top three AR games in the market by 2024. With its distinctive AR gameplay, Web3 integration, and the move-to-earn concept, SpaceCatch currently faces no direct competitors in the AR gaming sphere. The project's commitment to offering the best AR mobile game without compromises is evident through its highly talented team and expertise in achieving the pinnacle of AR gaming.

A Self-Funded Approach for Reliability

Notably, SpaceCatch adopts a mostly self-funded approach, different from many previous projects. We self-funded the core development, and now we seek additional funding to complete the project, providing stakeholders with a clear vision. We are committed to delivering the product, ensuring that we don't vanish after raising funds. Our current progress includes testing version 0.17.3 and designing most features, reinforcing our certainty that we will finish and launch the project to the highest standards in the gaming industry.