Earning mechanics


Do physical activities and sell the trophies you get to others in the form of non-NFT or NFT boosters. Players can sell those boosters to other players, who are not willing to be so much physically active or has a different gaming strategy.


In Q2 2024, minigames will be implemented, allowing users to monetize their playing right from home, too. The mini-games will focus on training players' Avatars to defeat aliens outside.

Character Building

You can build your avatar and sell it to players who don’t want to start at Level 1. Also, once you stop playing SpaceCatch, you will have an opportunity to sell your whole avatar and its items to other players.

NFT Lending

You can buy unique NFTs and rent them to others. Unique NFTs are helping or are required for players' in-game progress, but there is no need to keep them all the time. You can buy them, use them, and lend them. Or if you don't want to invest in NFTs and have a different strategy, you can rent them for a while, use them, and then return back to the owner. The whole strategy is up to you, and it's your role to catch all aliens as effectively as possible.

Move-to-earn Simplified