Projectile weapons

  • When a player gains a projectile weapon, that weapon has one full magazine. The magazine has got X bullets depending on the type of weapon. If a player shoots out all bullets and wants to reload, he must go to the crafting, click on the weapon, and add a box of the bullets (containing 10 bullets).
  • If a player does this for the first time on the weapon, the weapon needs a second magazine too. This is the way a player can insert as many bullets as he wants to. (This mean that a player can load just one for each weapon if he has enough bullets)
  • After refilling all bullet bars Reloading move is just an animation and waiting time without any condition. If a player doesn't add bullets before the battle, he cannot add them meanwhile the battle - needs to be displayed how much is gun loaded
  • Damage = energetical or physical - each weapon has only one
  • type = at least one max two (10 total)
  • DpS = damage per second
  • DpH = damage per hit
  • Active time = how long weapon is delivering damage
  • reload = how long it takes till the weapon can be active
  • amortization = durability - max number of the used charged point
  • effect = punishment
  • In-game description cannot be longer then 100 characters