Core Gameplay and Combat Mode

The core gameplay of SpaceCatch revolves around the thrilling challenge of individually defeating or capturing aliens or teaming up to thwart alien invasions. The combat mode is executed through augmented reality battles, enabling players to employ various techniques, weapons, and strategies to take down individual aliens.

Building Your HERO

Each player bears the responsibility of constructing their avatar, a task that involves burning calories and engaging in physical activities. Players can also enhance their avatars' strength, skills, and abilities by acquiring (either through purchase or rental) unique NFTs. These NFTs significantly boost a player's chances of conquering specific alien adversaries.

Move-to-Earn + Training!

SpaceCatch introduces a unique "move-to-earn" concept. Players use their real-life physical activities to fortify the health and resilience of their avatars. Engaging in physical activities yields boosters essential for improving and maintaining avatar strength. More active players have the option to sell their boosters to less active individuals or those focused on different Web3 aspects. Developers won't offer these boosters for direct purchase, ensuring a dynamic market price. Boosters come with durability, meaning they are consumed upon use, fostering continuous demand for them.

Daily Routine and Milestones

In their daily routine, players manage their avatar's shelter, where they check and collect Research points, Supply points, and unique dropped items. Frequent visits allow players to enhance specific aspects for future advantages. Each day, players pursue milestones for faster progress and unlocking new game areas. The "Friends" feature enables item exchange, collaborative alien invasions, defense of main hubs, and mutual combat assistance. Friends can trade items and acquire repair kits to safeguard equipment from deterioration.

Territory Mapping and Interaction

With a map radar and GPS location features, players pinpoint alien-invaded territories nearby. These moving territories necessitate strategic preparation and effective alien combat. Players see invasions, assess appropriate weapons, and interact with others to borrow, buy, or exchange items. However, players can also be affected by alien-induced conditions, which can sometimes be self-remedied, but in certain cases, curative/repair items are essential. This dynamic ties into crafting, not only for medical items but also for weapons. By utilizing collected items, players can modify weapons, reinforce shields, apparel, and capturing devices, and secure super-effective weapons against various alien types. These actions require a calorie wallet full enough to cover crafting recipes, repairs, or obtaining boosters.

Augmented Reality

The core combat mode in SpaceCatch is delivered through advanced augmented reality, promising an exceptional gaming experience.

AI Integration

Recognizing the challenge of sustaining player engagement, SpaceCatch is actively working on implementing custom-made quests through AI. These quests aim to discern individual player gaming habits and offer tailored challenges to enhance player involvement.

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