Chargeable weapons

  • Chargeable weaponry starts dealing with a tap on the shoot button and doesn't have a cooldown, because when you charge them out you must wait until you recharge it
  • every weapon has got charge pool and the charge pool contains 100 Charge points
  • Charging is automatically on the background
  • Damage = energetical or physical - each weapon has only one
  • type = at least one max two (10 totally)
  • DpS = damage per second
  • DpH = damage per hit
  • Active time = how long weapon is delivering damage
  • recharge = how long it takes till the weapon can be active
  • amortization = durability - max number of the used charged point
  • effect = punishment
  • In-game description cannot be longer then 100 characters.
Each Chargeable is on 100% of power when it is reached 100 Charge points