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The Game Theme

2024, the Metaverse.

We were attacked by AI-driven aliens! Humans need all brave and smart heroes to protect the Metaverse against the invasion! Call of Duty to all capable humans: Build your hero, become a Catcher, and defeat them all!


Our story begins in a parallel universe, not so different from ours. The opinion of many is that planet Earth is a prime location for mining biomass because of its lack of intelligent lifeforms, so it is auctioned off to the highest bidder.
So begins the first but not the last encounter of the third kind. Every city is attacked, and units of unknown species start to populate the areas of least resistance. Ignorant of our ways and abilities the alien intruders set out to capture any human they encounter. Due in part to their
lack of intel mixed with a superiority complex, they luckily only send their weakest units known as tier 1 aliens. They come in big numbers but lack the skills and strength of the more competent units.
Invaders start to build base stations through our solar system and construct strange and complex structures. While the rest of us hide in shelters and our global leaders settle down in their fortified hubs, a cohort of humans who will eventually be known as catchers begin sabotaging all their efforts, and almost every incursion results in the discovery of new technologies for future use.
After a period of uncertainty and hardships, earthlings regroup and start a new age of humankind. Humans discover more about their enemies every day and eventually, details of the auctioning of our planet are uncovered. We start to look for ways to highlight our troubles and remind the interstellar forum of their obligations. This complex web of negotiations and investigations is hard but eventually, peace negotiations began to take place in the main hubs. As time goes on Earthlings are no longer happy to settle for what they have been given during the peace process and start to have new hopes and expectations.
Is it possible to encourage the members of the forum to agree on better terms for us, do we decide to look for a new inhabitable planet amongst the stars, or maybe there is a way for us to stay here and live on our own terms without the support of the Interstellar forum? So many possibilities in such dark ages.
Step into the captivating realm of SpaceCatch, where you, as a player, are about to embark on an extraordinary journey reminiscent of an otherworldly metropolis. In this sprawling, futuristic cityscape, you'll find yourself entangled in a web of intrigue, where solving enigmatic tasks, confronting alien adversaries, forging powerful allies, and more await your exploration—all you need is your trusty Android or iOS smartphone.
The adventure unfolds effortlessly, thanks to an intuitive system that seamlessly guides you through the rich narrative, even introducing you to the intricate worlds of blockchain and investments.
Cooperation is key in this enigmatic world. The most skilled catchers within your group will earn well-deserved rewards for their valorous efforts. Your real-world movements are meticulously tracked by geolocation software on your mobile device, syncing with the SpaceCatch app to record your physical activities. Harnessing your own movements, you'll utilize cutting-edge technology and your phone's gyroscope to craft intricate circuits, powered by your expended calories converted into a special electrolyte, demanding precision and resourcefulness with each creation.
Crafting is just the beginning. Learn to concoct life-saving ointments, create smoke bombs for quick escapes, and fashion Caelohyphus shields to safeguard yourself from otherworldly threats. With our leveling systems and innovative tokenomics, you can even earn your own NFTs without additional resource expenditure.
We have to defend ourselves. These extraterrestrial invaders come armed and dangerous, possessing skillsets that far surpass ordinary humans. Encounter phenomena such as temporal fluctuations, weapons conjured from pure thought, and poisons beyond human comprehension. Your success in battles hinges on your choice of equipment, ever-adapting to the shifting threats you'll face. Each alien encounter brings up to three distinct types, each capable of inflicting various status effects.
Some may yield to conventional medicine, while others will require unorthodox strategies.
Rest assured, you won't navigate this treacherous path alone. Supportive Catcher's Zdroids, robotic companions, stand ready to assist you on your daring odyssey. Furthermore, players from across the globe will unite in a common cause—saving Earth from this unearthly menace.
In our all-inclusive community, free-to-play catchers will have the same opportunities as
catcher members. There will be no limitations on your efforts.