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Hubs & Shelters

Find&Build your safe place!

Main Hub

  • Main hub will be connected with the points of interest and place on the map
    • these hubs will be rarer than shelters
    • These hubs will be larger and have a distinct design.
  • If player visit a hub (open pop up window) Hp will be automatically heal up
    • 3 HP/s
      • during the invasion 4 HP/s
  • The player can visit the hub for different interaction
    • Invasion
    • Visiting the hub’s areas
      • Market area
        • 3 buttons
          • market - to see what other player offering
          • offer - to offer a trade
          • nft market - way to the website with nfts
        • The player is able to trade all categories of items
      • Task area (computer, message board) - to take tasks
        • after withdrawing, the shelter will be refreshed with new ones after 180 s
        • tap “Library”
        • tap on plus/obtain button = 1. task + boostbox
          • mostly common tasks
          • gaining a gift/BoostBox for a friend
      • Healing area - if player completes the puzzle, he obtains a special HP healing boots
        • connect to the healing area
      • Jail area - place where you leave an alien

Players shelters

  • Clickable spot on the map - click to interact - depending on the points of interest
  • First shelters will be placed on the map based on the Google Analytics of attendance
    • next ones could be suggested by players themselves
  • These places will be more common with multiple players within a city.
  • Every user could use any shelter
  • Every shelter has areas to explore, to trade, to heal,
  • Every area can be built up to level 5
  • The player has got one upgrade (upgrade of the one area) per day
  • The user could upgrade the level of shelter near him
    • If the shelter is open player starts healing
    • speed is based on the level of the healing area
    • Lvl 1. 0,75 HP
      • invasion 1 HP/s
    • Lvl 2. 1 HP/s
      • invasion 1.5 HP/s
    • Lvl 3. 2 HP/s
      • invasion 2.5 HP/s
    • Lvl 4. 3 HP/s
      • invasion 3,5 HP/s
    • Lvl 5. 4 HP/s
      • invasion 4,5 HP/s


    • Each area can be leveled up by collaborating with other players
    • Each Player can spend max 1,500 Research points on any shelter´s area