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Values explanation

Players stats

HP = Hit points = health
  • increasing with the level
level = progress of the player
EXP = experience points - a unit of the level
defense = is the percentual reduction of the damage
  • done by wearing items
Credits = in-game currency = obtain from converting, tasks, supertasks
  • useable in the shop

$CATCH = token - currency

Calories = currency (collected in the in-game wallet) for buying things in the Ingredient shop for potionary crafting
Research points
  • from the investigator, after he investigates alien - the research is also displayed in the alien species and planets
  • from the training mode
  • used for buying security clearance
Supply points
  • from the worker when is it assigned to the shelter
  • from converting
  • used for buying security clearance


number = number in the sequence
tier = difficulty
Light/Dark = main type - each alien will have one
Type = subtype (7 total) - each alien will have at least one, max two
defense = percent of reducing the damage delivered to them
min HP = Hp on level 1
Diet = What type of food are players able to give to the alien (based on the Food items)
Energy point = number of the fullness of the alien, if the amount is run out the alien is spent itself and disappears (based on the value of each Food items)
Scaling = scaling group TBA


  • Damage = energetical or physical - each weapon has only one
  • type = at least one max two (10 total)
  • DpS = damage per second
  • DpH = damage per hit
  • Active time = how long weapon is delivering damage
  • recharge/reload = how long it takes till the weapon can be active
  • amortization = durability - max number of the used charged point or bulets
  • effect = punishment Types

Wearable items

defense = is the percentual reduction of the damage
amortization = durability = how many times the item was in combat