Key features

Augmented reality

SpaceCatch has implemented the highest currently possible version of AR available on the market with today's mobile phones. AR plays the main role in the core combat mode of SpaceCatch. Each player will experience a battlefield with their own mobile device while defeating multiple aliens.


The entire gameplay and in-game progress are fueled by NFT boosters. Players obtain these boosters through their physical activities or by purchasing them from other players who follow a distinct gaming strategy and choose to sell their NFT boosters. In essence, daily activities like walking to work or engaging in sports activities such as jogging, swimming, or cardio contribute to SpaceCatch, generating NFT boosters used in the game. It's important to note that NFT boosters cannot be directly bought from SpaceCatch itself; they must be earned through one's own physical activity or acquired from other active players. Once an NFT booster is used, it's burned, generating an ongoing demand for new boosters and ensuring continued player activity. This compels and motivates players to open the app/game during every physical activity and make a contribution to the game via their daily or extra physical activity.


The whole gaming earning concept is fuelled by physical activity and burned calories of every player. SpaceCatch earning mechanics are not designed to bring high ROI, but deliver a sustainable gaming experience with various earning mechanics, like a selling boosters to other players, renting NFTs, selling builded avatars etc. Its important to note that $CATCH token is not a reward token.

Artificial inteligence

SpaceCatch has designed custom game quests, aiming to immerse players in a world where aliens are portrayed as real beings with cognitive abilities. Additionally, tailor-made tasks have been created to keep players focused on the game, with the goal of achieving the highest possible retention rate. Furthermore, an AI companion will play a significant role in shaping players' thoughts, creating the concept of the human headquarters in the battle against alien invasions.