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Demo is LIVE!

The current demo version, ver 0.17.3
In SpaceCatch, we uphold industry standards and prioritize sophisticated product development. If you are not already a core community member and have never heard of SpaceCatch before, please take a moment to look at a gameplay video from the current demo version 0.17.3.
We hope and believe that the community and all potential stakeholders are recognizing the potential of the current development and the game itself. The SpaceCatch development team is stable, and composed of professional game designers and developers, and we still have a lot planned! Just imagine where we were months ago, look at where we are now, and envision where we will be in a few months! So don't wait and secure your spot on the rocket ship to the moon; we're launching soon!

The demo GAMEPLAY video, ver 0.15.5

SpaceCatch Gameplay video from Demo ver. 0.15.5