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$CATCH token airdrop details
The modern trend of today is the distribution of tokens to the community through airdrops. As we fully recognize the power and support of our community, we have confirmed the airdrop of $CATCH tokens. Although the exact details are still confidential, the most important element we've revealed is the activity required to receive the $CATCH airdrop.
To obtain the $CATCH token airdrop, you must complete tasks on the community platform Zealy. For completing these tasks, you will earn EXP. These experience points will be converted into $CATCH tokens at the end of the Zealy campaign and distributed to our community.
Please note that there will be a minimum EXP threshold below which you won't be eligible for the airdrop. The purpose of this step is to eliminate automatic bots and, at the same time, maximize potential benefits for the most supportive members of our community.
It's important to mention that the $CATCH airdrop is the only way to obtain our tokens completely for free. The token is not used as an in-game reward token. Possible methods of acquiring it include airdrop, staking, or direct purchase.
The distribution of the airdrop is planned to take place approximately when the $CATCH token is listed on Tier 1 CEX.

$CATCH token airdrop