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Buy $CATCH with volume bonuses and discounts

Volume bonuses

$500 - $1.500 investment - bonus 3%
$1.501-$3.000 investment – bonus 5%
$3.001-$5.000 investment – bonus 7%
$5.001-$100.000 investment – bonus 12%

Totem 5% discount

Another discount option is ownership of the SpaceCatch Totem. There are only 500 totems, which were part of the first 500 NFT boxes that have already been sold. Ownership of the Token causes a 5% discount (cashback) for a $CATCH token purchase. Every wallet owning an NFT Totem while a $CATCH token purchase gets a 5% cashback from the each particular $CATCH purchase transaction.
Totem discounts are technically provided through a 5% cashback at the end of each round. $CATCH Totem NFT holders can use their Totem for multiple purchases. Please be aware that at the moment of purchase, we automatically manage a wallet snapshot/scan to check if the wallet holds the $CATCH Totem NFT. If the wallet is indeed a holder of the $CATCH Totem NFT, it will receive a 5% cashback automatically after the end of the particular presale round.
No need to log in, register, or claim the cashback manually; everything will be done automatically. The 5% cashback (Totem discount) applies to both the Community round and the Public round.
Beware of scammers; we will never ask for any data or information related to your wallet in connection with the cashback. You don't need to send anything; everything will be processed automatically after the end of the Community/Public round.
Please be aware that the $CATCH Totem NFT will have additional utilities in the future.

Volume bonuses and Totem discount - combination

We reward early buyers of NFTs from our core community. In the event that you make a token purchase within the applicable volume bonus range and are also an owner of the Totem, your bonuses and discounts will be combined.