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Token Utility

Utility from the Day 1
SpaceCatch is going to launch V1 alongside the listing, giving the utility to $CATCH from the day 1.
The $CATCH token represents the success of the SpaceCatch game itself, making it a store of value and the primary token for all in-game transactions. Mathematically, as the game becomes more successful and attracts a larger user base, more $CATCH tokens will be involved in the game, leading to an increase in price. It's important to note that $CATCH tokens can only be obtained through a direct purchase or staking, so it's not a reward token.
The $CATCH token will be necessary for in-game transactions, with investments in a player's avatar increasing the probability of obtaining NFTs for sale and other benefits.

Designed gameplay features using CATCH tokens include

- Payment via $CATCH for immediate recovery of health/tools
- Payment via $CATCH for in-game lotteries
- Payment via $CATCH for premium missions
- Payment via $CATCH for premium NFT boxes
- Payment via $CATCH for auctions of premium NFT items
- Payment via $CATCH for premium events
- Payment via $CATCH to other players for NFT boosters
- Payment via $CATCH to other players for any form of items or assets

$CATCH Presale is live!